Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Welcome Visitors

Welcome to the tech visionary blog that was created to allow visionaries, inventors and creative people to communicate about ways to use technology in new, innovative ways and get help developing those ideas into real products and concepts that can be sold or used commercially.

To those people that understand the power of blending creativity and technology to create new and powerful products and concepts is awesome. Unfortunately, the majority of new technology is a simple evoloution of something current or a minor improvement on something. Rarely, is there a new idea or product that is a major leap forward resulting from someone re-thinking an existing idea or technology and looking at it from a new angle.

Blending technology and creativity is an important task and one that has the potential to benefit all, including the inventor. The truly creative visionary is unique and rare and the ability to think in new ways should be nurtured and rewarded.

So, let's discover new thoughts, ideas and ways to re-invent technology and create something new, inspiring and revolutionary that can show the world the ability of technology to benefit all aspects of life and business.